One Person Company Registration Requirements

DIN Quantity is a 1 time formality. The director has to apply for the Digital Signature Certificate (DSC), which is vital to file for the One particular Person Enterprise registration documents. The PAN card is dispatched to your Aadhar address. In Private restricted company, minimum two members needed and can have upto 200 members as shareholders in the company. The providers can be further bifurcated in diverse sorts such as OPC Company Registration private or public corporation i.e. based on the nature of the company.

Opc Company Registration In India

One particular Particular person Organization (OPC) is a next generation enterprise structure makes it possible for corporate entity status to a SINGLE MAN FIRM. With spice e-type, DIN, name Approval and Incorporation connected documents like affidavits declarations are filed at as soon as. For prospects not in the above described category, the firm that contacted you is possibly earning funds in a single or each of two approaches. To get your brand name or enterprise name has trademark registration in chennai at economical cost with friendly assistance make contact with us.

Memorandum of Association along with Certificate of Incorporation. If you run a business enterprise all by oneself, and have no other partners or shareholders, then you are eligible to register your organization as a 1 Particular person Corporation as long as you are a permanent resident of India and an Indian citizen. Just after reaching at the stage of sustainability, the Private Organization can be registered as Public organization by way of conversion, in case of any future requirement. OPC also gets freedom from quite a few compliances or needs as opposed to other Private Restricted providers.

One Person Company Registration Fees

Step 1. OPC's are not required to finish their name with Private Limited” or Limited”. Declaration by initially director in Form INC-9 is mandatory to attach in case of a new firm. Corporate tax: It is a form of direct tax on income of an OPC. A further choice for obtaining OPC Registration in India a job would be to try to get a job in India with an Indian subsidiary of an Irish firm or a job with a multinational corporation that has operations in Ireland.